Infusion Room Guidelines

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your treatment with Vista Oncology.  In order for that to happen for everyone, the following Guidelines have been made:

ALWAYS check-in with the nurse to verify your identity before sitting down in the chemo suite!

Patient Privacy – Patients may be accompanied by one family member or one friend during their infusion. In the event the chemo suite is full of patients, congested, or is busy for the nurses, guests may be asked to wait in the waiting room.

No children under 14 are allowed.

Eating & Drinking – Because your treatment may or may not cause nausea, eat something light for breakfast (cereal, yogurt, fruit) and be sure to drink a lot of fluids to stay well hydrated (water or electrolyte-enriched sports drinks such as Gatorade). We do not have food available for patients. You may bring food to the clinic, but be aware that other people may easily get nauseous or don’t have food of their own. So please be considerate and avoid strong-smelling or greasy fast food.

Clothing – Dress comfortably and in extra layers so you can adjust accordingly to the chemo room temperature. We can provide you with a blanket but if you get cold easily, please bring an extra one. For patients with mediports, it is helpful to wear low cut shirts for easy accessibility.

Cell Phones — Please keep cell phone usage to a minimum and speak quietly.

Calming Techniques – Bring along your favorite books or magazines. If you choose to bring music or personal DVD players, bring your headphones or use some of ours so as to not distract others who may want to sleep. We also provide free tablets with movies and information, Wi-Fi service, and power outlets so you can connect to the Internet!

Scheduling Appointments — Before you leave, ALWAYS make sure to schedule a time for your next visit.